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the spine of the appalachians. really dangerous. quick look at your timeline. again, tuesday afternoon in the southeast, wednesday, midday, mid-atlantic northeast. thursday it's out of here and that's when i think people should travel is on thanksgiving, because between now and wednesday, it's going to be rough. including you, my friend. >> wish you could have fixed that, janice. thank you for being with us and be sure to tune in again tomorrow night at 7:00 for on the record and i'll see you tomorrow night on the 5:00. good night. tonight. >> this agreement has made the welcome to "red eye." tonight -- >> coming up on "red eye." the grand canyon, is this national landmark home to a giant man eating rattlesnake set to feast on residents of arizona? plus, does the vice president want to force every american to buy a segue? >> the rest of the world is moving. we have to move faster than the rest of the world. how else are we going to compete? >> and finally, paper clips. deadly weapon? office supply? none of these stories you will see on "red eye." >> she is hideous and ugly. i am here with brooke goldstein, found you are of the children's rights institute. all of which are fronts for
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roving meth labs. and here to ruin the pace, it is tv's andy levy. and he is funnier than a goat in a dress, comedian andrew schulz. strange name, fyi. and paul mccurio. he wanted me to tell both of his fans he is performing at the funny bone in columbus, ohio. boy, that's depressing, december 4th through eighth. you could probably show up and get tickets right before the show. and then paul will probably ask you out for drinks or dinner and it will get awkward as you try to back away and leave. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. >> i will give you this. you dress a lot better than normal. you look like a gay waiter lumber jack which is okay. you look like you should be working at a restaurant called
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flap jack. anyway. >> it is weird. i am working there tonight. >> i bet you are. for tips. was it asian inspired or racist entired? yes, katie perry performed the a sunday's american music awards in a full geisha get up prompting howls of protest. her outfit is the subject of tonight's -- >> is this racist? >> interesting. well, for her song, which i think is called screeching noise crap, perry mimics geishas which are japanese women trained to entertain men with conversation, dance and song. i did this in the 80s. she wore a caw mown know and dark eyes and red lips and a white face. yes, she went white faced. have a listen, listen havers.
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>> critics called the performance culturally insensitive saying, quote, if you don't think katie perry was racist, let me ask you, what if she performed in a black face? they say they are unconditional worshipers of their men and that is bed. speaking of overly excited. >> you deserve it, stupid dog. andrew, good to see you on the show. i have an issue with this. is putting on white face the equivalent of putting on black face? this is new to me. >> i think we are taking back the face. >> we are? we are taking it back. >> katy is taking it back.
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i think we are so pale we don't need whoit face. what -- white face. those who are naturally pale and don't have pigment in their skin saw that and they said you don't have to be unconditionally loving, but you can just not see sun. >> brooke, was her performance racist or just annoying and awful? >> she didn't lip-sync so it was terrible. i love that -- are we having this segment all the time now? is this racist? i love it because it is every day the sensitivity police come out and tell us what we can and cannot think, what is offensive and what is not offensive. >> if you were watching this show you would have known we have been doing this for awhile. >> you know i only watch when i am on it. the logic is completely flawed. black face is when, you know, it is notoriously known to make fun of another race.
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where white face is something that is done in the asian culture that represents beauty. there is nothing wrong with that. what pisses me off is the sensitivity police now is ruvy tundra? an old guy telling us what we can and cannot think about geisha? >> paul, you often wear lip face. you apply a giant pair of lips to an otherwise homely face. >> he is doing it now. >> you are kind of a racist. you are an expert at figuring out if somebody is racist. >> it is not racist. look, basically -- it is not equivalent to black face. there is no history of racism behind wearing a caw -- comono. secondly, come omake yourself laugh. >> a lot of people wouldn't understand that joke. >> i am one of those people.
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>> mine was a polite laugh. >> you are a stud and a handsome man. it is not racist. if johnny depp can pretend to be an american indian in a movie i don't want to see, she can be a japanese in a song i don't want to hear. she is forcing me to defend her right to do this over a song that is horrible. >> that's pretty bad. >> that's where i am standing on this. >> madam butterfly and amos and andy. oh. >> andy, what offended you more? the theme of the costume, the lyrics, all three? >> i think the best part of the performance was the first line of the song because they had not turned her mic on yet. i thought that's when she sounded her best. i do think what she did, it is cultural prop operation. she stole this from a brit, boy george. he used to wear a komono and put white face on all the time. that's a british thing and
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just leave it alone. >> which he stole from david bowie. >> that is entirely possible, when he wasn't dressed as a nazi. >> i was going to say why is it racist to wear -- >> that's what i was saying? we are in an overly, sense tiesed politically correct environment. >> people are projecting their own negative views on views on the geisha. it was a tasteful, asian-inspired performance. >> there is that race of geisha. it is a culture. >> it is gay. >> i honestly don't think some people aside that it is not that it is racist. the argument is that what she is doing is -- >> it is culturally insensitive. >> she is appropriating another culture which is insensitive. >> you can say that about white musicians. >> who is offended? ruvy tundra?
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>> honestly i am offended that you took your normally straight hair and curled it. >> i stuck my finger in a socket. >> now i won't do the ymca because we will be appropriating policemen and tbai indians and is that where we pr with this? >> that is an interesting question. >> i want to move on. this one gets my goat. you know i have a lot of goats. it is a big score for whores. roll it. >> obama-apacalypsoy gate. >> sex workers at the moon light bun thee ranch in nevada were screwed. screwed getting insurance coverage. they equate us to illegal working girls who have high rates of std's and aids. but obamacare will not provide relief to america's self-employed including legal
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prostitutes. how so? no idea. it is not in the script. meanwhile, here is the behave that is okay to condemn. the health care law is hitting smokersers with super high premiums that could force them to drop coverage altogether. thank you. unlike drug addicts -- i was wheezing. unlike drug addicts -- i could hear myself breathing. it was disgusting. >> and it went on me. >> unlike drug addicts, alcoholics and the obese, smokers are the only such group with preexisting conditions that penalize obamacare. obamacare penalizes. i also have dyslexia when i have a cold. speaking of disasters.
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>> it is a person who is choosing these videos. something doesn't happen at the end of it and you don't pick the video. it is like we have been doing this for so long. something has to happen. >> why not cough up phlegm? >> the thing that is getting me, andrew, you can punish smokers, but not hookers or the obese. there seems to be a double standard here. there is a high risk that leads to illnesses that you may have to pay for as a third party if you are paying for somebody else's insurance. why do smokers get screwed, but not hookers who will will get high rates of std's and that? >> i don't understand. >> who affects my health care more? how many more smokers are there than hookers?
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>> how many more obese team are there? >> charge them. >> i think hookers affect your health care. >> hookers do affect my health care. but that is more -- i don't know who is giving who the std's at this point. >> that is romantic. paul, your comedy is considered a preexisting condition. is it harder to get insurance coverage being so awful? >> he will be at the funny bone in ohio. >> i am moving tickets, i can feel it. >> this whole smoker thing, i understand the position on that. it has a greater effect on others than being obese. >> really? >> yeah. if you order a big mac, i am not getting secondhand diabetes from being next to you. >> but you are not going to get secondhand smoke from me anyway because we don't hang out together. >> that's true, but if we did we would both wear a hazmat suit. >> there is no secondhand smoke that causes problems.
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>> it is not -- it is a choice. some say it is an addiction. i say it is a choice. i don't have a problem with that. >> they choose that work. >> they choose that work. the problem is the owner of the bunny ranch says he will pay money for the system and then complaining. he is still a pimp even though it is legal. you are still a pimp. it is like being a guy who cooks meth he has to get rid of chemical waste. >> he called it the double-edged sword of being a pimp that you have to pay more money because you are prostituting people. did you say that prostitutes should be punished? >> no, i -- >> well if you pay them extra. >> if smokers have to be penal loysed for their behavior, so should prostitutes, correct? they are high risk behaviors. >> and it is both legal. this is one of the many
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unintended consequences and we are hearing stories like this every day. i go back to what nancy pelosi said. she was right. we have to pass the bill in order to understand what the consequences of obamacare are. it doesn't make any sense whatsoever. i want to say on record i agree with descend in the supreme court. it is illegal to force people to engage in something they don't want to buy. that's not what it has been interpreted to do. >> andy, she stole your talking point. >> did she say impeach? >> she did. >> she didn't call them the kenyan-born lady hating interlopers. if you are going to force people to pay other people's insurance can we force people not to engage in habits? >> that's what they are trying to do here. the part i don't get is unlike drug addicts and the alcoholics and the obese they are the only ones not penalized. smokersers are drug addicts.
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they are addicted to nicotine which is a drug. and all of you don't talk to me until i have had my coffee people, that is a drug too. it is caffeine. some drugs are just socially acceptable, a rapidly shrinking group, but i guess if you throw pot in it is getting bigger, but i don't get this. how do you treat one kind of drug addict differently than another? >> i think it is hipocritical. by the way, i support prostitution. they provide a service for ugly, desperate comedians. >> by the way, can we stop calling it insurance? if you can't be turned down for a preexisting condition it is not insurance. you need another name. >> people get so angry when you talk about this. preexisting condition -- i am not against paying insurance for preexisting conditions. you might have to pay more. i don't think you can create a ratio saying you can't pay three times more. if your preexisting condition is pretty serious, the metaphor would be you get in a
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car accident and then you go get your car insurance. you can't do that. >> but there are people that either can't or don't have the incentive. like talk about smokers for a minute. i no i -- i know some people who will go to any length and continue to smoke to the point they will give up their mortgage and use their points to get a pup tent. there is that argument how do you incenti vies these people to live a healthy life. >> but they are drug addicts. why are they being treated by other drug addicts. >> why are we allowing taxes on tobacco to be so high when it is proven that has not deterred people from buying tobacco? it is not the rule of the state to dictate health. >> can we talk about hookers again? >> i want a healthy hooker. i am allergic to penicillin. >> thing huers at that ranch do not -- the hookers at that ranch don't look particularly happy. maybe it is not a happy vocation. >> they don't have the posturepedic beds.
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>> why did i even look at him and expect an intelligent answer? the obama administration reached an agreement with iran over the weekend under which the country will roll back its nuclear program in exchange for the the lifting of sanctions. and everyone is thrilled. >> what was concluded in geneva last night is not a historic agreement. it is a historic mistake. it has not made the world a safer place. >> not everyone, but most peel. >> it is a victory for the united states and it is a victory for iran and a defeat for our closest allies, saudi arabia and israel. >> well, maybe the democrats are thrilled. >> i am just worried that this deal makes it harder to get to the ultimate goal which is reducing -- eliminating iran's nuclear capability. >> i give up. for more let's go to our "red eye" foreign correspondent.
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please be good, please. >> did you screen this beforehand? >> i don't know. if the green room this is a tremendous accomplishment. it surprised me. >> first of all i want to say nuke, puke, brilliant. how much time do i have? do i have the entire panel? >> just go. >> what can i say? if i was obama's prof in law school he would get a failure. there is no consideration of this deal. it is that simple. we are giving iran billions of dollars. we are allowing them to violate you in security council resolutions and continue to violate international law by funding terrorism. they are allowed to continue to belled nuclear warheads. they are given a billion dollars to do that. in six months from now they
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are either going to start again spinning the sentra fuses and threaten us saying giving us more money or threaten to turn it on unless we give them more money. what are they going to do with the money? will they improve the economy? will they improve the human rights situation with people? they will continue to fund terrorists. it is ridiculous. >> most of the money will go to the arts. >> who is the winner? russia and china will be selling weapons to iran and money is now going in the wrong pockets. >> and classical musicians in iran. >> quickly, paul, you bomb a lot. i have less than ninety seconds. >> i know, but i have to. >> quickly, sir. >> do we really expect -- does obama expect iran to do the right thing? i expect my president to have better judgment -- i expect my president to have better judgment than those signing richie incognito's contract. i think we should send the
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senate democrats over there because they can destroy the nuclear option. >> there you go. that's what you call political humor. anyway, andrew, quickly, you are our middle east expert. >> i know a lot about the middle east. i feel honestly like the best way to handle this would be season three of "homeland." are you familiar with that? send a mole in there preferably an american actor doing an english accent. that's andrew schulz with your middle eastern is this racist or not racist geisha face. >> i don't think i have time for you, andy. i let you say something quickly. >> only time will tell if this was a good deal or not. >> all right, coming up, is there a shortage of cranberry sauce? goldstein discusses the muslim brotherhood's plot to ruin thanksgiving. that's next.
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why is this model suing it is a long story. i am not even sure we are doing it to be honest.
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what happened to your back? was she wrong to tell mom her kids are a stink bomb? it is time for -- is this offensive? we are just blowing through our budget tonight. a school teacher is facing discipline after complaining to parents wase about their kids' hygiene. show sent a letter home about some of her pre k students coming to school wearing dirty clothes and smelling awful. i love that it was handwritten.
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she said it is a health and safety concern that makes it difficult for me to be close to them or even want to touch them. that's how you prevent them from being touched. i know that feeling. smelly kids don't get touched. after parents complained the school board gave her a verbal reprimand. what does the class hamster make of all of this? >> who ever is editing these pieces are not finding the right parts of it. do we need to go to another class to teach you how to cut the tape? brooke, is this offensive or was the teacher doing the right thing? >> i think it was unprofessional and if i was a teacher i would be concerned. the wording she used in her letter showed extreme contempt for the children. she said "it makes it
12:25 am
difficult for me to be close to them or even want to touch them" and now the principal has to edit her letters before they are sent out to the parents. so we are leaving a woman alone in a room with kids who can't -- doesn't even have the authority to send letters out to the parents? if she was concerned she would send something specifically to the parents of the kids who were stinky and help them and been constructive in this situation. >> i don't know. i kind of disagree with book. we are talking about stinky kids. stinky kids are a problem for stinky kids. they can't be stinky or their life is screwed. you have to tell them right away if they are stinky or it is a life long thing. >> and on your point i don't think she had contempt for the kids. you have contempt for the parents that aren't smelling their stipgy kids. when a -- stinky kids. when a kid is crying in an airplane, i don't hate the kid.
12:26 am
that's what kids do. i hate the parent. don't take your kid to the bahamas. you leave them in new hampshire. >> you can hate the paisht and the kid. >> fair enough. you have more hate than me. okay, the kid stinks. do you know howable it is to be the stinky kid? >> the teacher is doing the kid a favor. if there is a stinky kid at class there is something going at home. heavy drinking or drugging that keeps them from watching their kids. >> brooke is right in that the letter should have gone to the homes of the kids -- >> really? >> you can't do that anymore. >> it further embarrasses the kid. >> i think it protects the kids that are stipgy -- stinky. they don't know who all got the letter. this is not on the teacher. there is not a lot you can do for your stuff in pre k. there is thought a lot of homework. clean your kid up and put him in the tub and put him in
12:27 am
clean clothes. i feel like the onus is on his teacher to do what instead of sending a letter send a gift card with a bed, bath and beyond? >> i honestly think she should have sat down and gone to the principal and said there is a problem in the class. there are three or four kids that are extremely stinky. we have to see what is going on at home and get this fixed. i think that rather than sending a blanket let cert right way to do it. letter is the right way to do it. what is the point of having a 3-year-old signing the letter. you clearly understood it. you signed it. you. >> you know how they try to sign something and it is all screwed up? >> it is putting too much on the teacher at that point. >> the parent needs to dole with it and i don't think it is unreasonable. >> the audience of your show often tells you you stink so i think you really are an expert in this. you know what the thing is?
12:28 am
the truth hurts. parents are responding to the fact that honesty hurts. everybody knew there was a kid in their class that had an issue. if somebody didn't say anything that kid would go through lifelike that. >> by sending to a letter to all of the parents how do they not know if their kid is stinky? >> you know your kid. it is not that hard. if you sent it to three kids, then the sale thing happens and you get this teacher picked out my student in front of all of these kids. now she tries to send it everyone so everybody has the same responsibility and she isville fight for that. you can't tell a kid he stinks. >> i don't think you can say oh the parents know because chances are the parents are stinky too. >> they are drinky. >> it is because they are drinky. >> stinky is from drinky. >> i agree with andrew. you target three kids and it is going to be exponentially
12:29 am
more soul crushing on those three kids than to everybody get it. the parent should read it and decides if it is their kid and discuss it with the kid. >> god forbid the kid is not white and then you are targeting not white kids and it is a hate crime. then you just send it to everybody. >> greg, i am waiting for it. >> or like the audiences at the funny bone. all right we have to take a break. tonight's c block is sponsored by bridges. the structures carrying a pathway or roadway over a depression or obstacle. who is the least influential celebrity in america? spoiler alert. i banged all of them.
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really? a florida model, my favorite kind, is suing claiming her photo has been used in hundreds of fake profiles without her consent. she is part of a $1.5 billion class action lawsuit which claims the company could weed out the phonies if they used photo recognition software and checked the ip addresses. said the ticked off mom, quote, i thought i recognized her. not a day goes by when someone does president tell me they
12:34 am
saw -- doesn't tell me they saw my pictures on it allowed photos of unconsenting people to be approved. meanwhile, this is happening. >> like i said, first it is gay marriage. i ordered a whole dose of chinese viagra off the internet because your picture is on it. did you know it at the time? >> that was me. >> you are a lawyer. $1.5 billion. >> look. i think it is a publicity stunt. i think it is a frivolous lawsuit. no one except for you greg has heard of y lo eight na --
12:35 am
yuliana uh -- avalos, and i'm sure there was a disclaimer and i don't think they will be held liable. who really goes and uses the internet website and thinks the picture is an accurate depiction of the person you are talking to? >> next you will tell us the burger king you see in the commercials is the same you buy. >> your face is used for collagen lip implants, but have you no idea. would you feel ticked off if they were using your face for a collagen lip plant? >> this is how men tell other men you have a nice mouth. this is the polite way of saying it. >> thoughts guys in deliverance would have torn
12:36 am
him upside. put down the banjo. >> and burt reynolds would not have killed them because they all would have hated you. >> even that baby hated you. >> where are we in the story. >> who is overwhelmed by this? who thinks they are supermodels on that site. these are the same people who need the label on the superman cape at halloween who says you will not be able to fly if you wear this, right? i agree with brooke completely. this is trip los -- trip los. everybody knows there #r* false profiles and fake pictures. i miss the good old days when you didn't have to worry about the internet to disuh . people. >> her point is there are pictures of her. so people aren't portraying themselves as her and it is not her.
12:37 am
>> what is that? >> she has a blog and she goes and she posts half naked pictures of herself on the internet. >> does that mean people can falsely portray themselves ashe? >> pretty much? >> so i can use her picture as my twitter i con dism. >> if you wanted to. >> have you ever responded to a fake of a -- avatar? >> i actually got caught -- i didn't do anything, but the girl was being flattering and i looked back and it was like a female wrap group. her recent picture was a cute chick and it was a female wrap group. >> you know what drives me nuts? >> don't look back, greg. >> on yahoo!, i am one of the
12:38 am
people who uses yahoo! mail, they have ads on the side of like reverse mortgages and they use old people. have you ever seen the old people? there is a picture of a guy with the wires up his nose and they have other old people in it. none of those people know their ads are being used. >> but it is tailored to the specific user which is why you are getting old people. >> i did that one movie in belgium. it is thought right. those pictures were taken in a rest home. they don't know they are being used in an ad. >> maybe they are paying for them. >> i need no proof. you. >> people can take it for what it is anyway. >> it is a good excuse if you are a married guy and your physician is up there on >> i want to sue them for billions, honey.
12:39 am
>> they wanted an ad on craigslist and they are living in a washington, d.c. penthouse for a buck a month. it reads, quote, i am a male looking for another male, straight or by sexual with girlfriend preferred, but masculine gay is cool too, to be my naked roommate. sounds crazy, but this is for real. you should be 26 -- it is always stwo 6 and younger and very attractive. arraignment will be -- arrangement would be mostly looking, but some touching will be required. how much/often is negotiatable. sounds like my life. >> i own penthouses in many cities across the world. >> you have a collection of penthouses in the box. >> there are a lot of 2 sex or younger -- there are a lot of 26 or younger men who need help with places and i try to help them. >> andy is right. this is the essence of
12:40 am
capitalism. what is wrong with this? if a guy is wealthy and there is a young guy who can't afford rent, why not? you is that wrong? >> i don't think there is anything wrong with it? >> if you want to do it and live at this dude's house and walk around naked that's on you. i don't have a problem with it. i didn't read the whole story. i thought it was a girl in the guy's house and then i was just like just strip. why would you sell yourself so short? >> that is like $4,000, $5,000 a month. >> penthouse. >> you can make that at a strip club and negotiate touching privileges. >> you would have councilmen in sweatpants masterbating.
12:41 am
>> you know when i was an intern and thought making enough money? >> i do. >> can you do a two-shot? with greg? >> i want to do a hotshot. >> i am not shocked by this. >> that's an overdose of heroin. >> this is not shocking to me. this is how i got my first apartment. you were the landlord. that is what needed the two shots. >> this is like a bad version of barney miller. >> i am laughing because i don't know. >> barney miller would have these long set ups and the jokes would fall flat and then fish would walk by. brooke, you claim to be a lawyer. is this legal? >> i don't think the
12:42 am
provisions would be enforced in a court. i think the new york courts are not likely -- don't likely enforce provisions when they can read and exchange -- an exchange for sexual acts and money. but people can do what they want. it is a free country and capitalism, but don't expect it to be enforced in a court of law. >> fragmentation. at a certain point you can go on-line and order a hamburger from a little old laid down the street. same thing with everything in life. it will be so splintered. >> what does that have to do with this? >> i am saying it can't beacon trolled. be controlled. there will be too many choices. >> that's great. >> that's what i'm saying. >> the problem is as the penthouse owner you need the government to enforce it and you have somebody living there for a buck. >> you throw them out. >> if they refuse to be
12:43 am
touched? >> they gain weight. >> that has to be in the contract. if you put on a certain amount -- it has to be about thrie .2% if you are naked, but that is my preference. >> what if they wore glasses like yours? >> i don't mine because mine would never see their face. time to take a break. when we come back we will talk about something. look how beautiful that is. it is a head floating in space. it is like a kiss album or solo album that is coming out in march. you have to pre order this. we have to kick the crap out of o'reilly's book. go there now and order.
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the louse has no clout. these guys are having conversation. dennis rodman has topped the list of least influential celebrities of stwo 01 -- 2013.
12:47 am
it says he will commit border line treason to hang out. cheap shot on the pope and others further down the list are miley cyrus and president obama. paul mccurio didn't even make the list that's how uninfluential he is is he can't make the least uninfluential list. that maws -- that must make you hurt deeply inside. if you have an inside. brooke, thoughts of the lest? >> i am just surprised that a mainstream magazine would criticize obama in anyway whatsoever. but have i to disagree. i think he is incredibly influential, but he is influential in all of the wrong ways. interesting point. >> i think they got a lot of things wrong. saying justin bieber is not
12:48 am
influential is ridiculous. >> you are right. >> saying miley cyrus is not influential. i mean i personally do molly strictly because it is miley cyrus. isn't that right, brooke? >> i don't know what the hell you are talking about. >> just don't drink out of that drink. >> she has pushed that away further every segment. >> there is something floating in it. the only list you ended up with was the neighborhood watch list by the playground and you were proud about that. >> it's a list, man. as a comedian people ask to be taken off your list. >> that is not true. >> i am giving you a high shot to the chest. >> given his recent history with the obamacare i don't think it is fair to put obama and wiener on the same list.
12:49 am
wiener has much more success on the internet than obama hayes. i think -- look, what does it mean? is this the first annual? >> i have no idea. >> i don't read gq. i am more of a details guy. i find gq is like a wimpy version of details. it is like details without the abs. >> it is a slightly straighter version. >> you are making fun of details, but i read details. when you said that i was going to say me too? oh we are making fun of it? >> i have 30 seconds. >> i agree. i don't think it is fair to put president obama on this list. it is not fair to say he is not influential. he caused a lot of people to lose their health insurance. >> plus he is taking on terrorists and civilians with drones. >> i am for that. coming up, our last story.
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next "red eye" hurricane appearances from jedediah bila and jesse joyce. >> e block. last story. that's the last story. >> yea. is bragy the new selfie?
12:54 am
it is a story hannity refuses to cover. a picture on social media designed to show off or make people jealous like from a vacation or concert or a vacation at a concert or concert vacation. a third of people in the uk say they share bragging photos with almost half of them claiming vacation pictures are the best way to show off. brooke, i know it is the whole point of social media, but i hate vacation photos. i don't want to see your vacation unless you are naked. >> all right. >> generally. i was actually thinking of andrew. >> i would like to see her vacation photos. >> cancun 2007, great bikini photos. >> well, this is exactly why i hate facebook and all social media. that's what it is for. it is to be an ego maniac and
12:55 am
post pictures of yourself yet i find myself completely addicted. >> what is your twitter handle? >> goldstein brooke. >> i knew that would happen. >> you only post pictures when you are truly happy which is never. you are miserable all the time. >> what do you expect people to post? shear a picture of me -- here is a peck tour of me at home soothing my boils. i would rather come back and the house be ransacked. that would be the best part of vacation photos is when you telegraph you are not home and everybody will come over and steal everything. andy, i never have seen you post a picture unless you are on a date, so never. >> it is true. >> was there a question?
12:56 am
actually i have less of a problem with braggy's than selfies. i would rather see a picture of you on vacation than with you with the phone like this. >> i hate that and i also hate bragies because i feel like there is something about it that humans feel the they'd 20 tell you that they are -- feel the need to tell you they are doing better than you. >> but i like that. if it is a girl i would prefer a bragy if you are bragging about yourself. specifically like from here to like your thighs. i don't care to see the picture of your feet on a beach or like your brunch. you can't impress me with food. >> pictures of food are just wrong. >> fabulous mimosa right now. >> a picture of a guy holding money. look, a whole fan of one's. >> the worst braggies is i am so grateful for -- >> you were going to say go
12:57 am
f-yourself. when ever they say i am so grateful, my wonderful family and -- shut up. he is cheating on you. andrew, andy, paul, that does it for me. goodbye. he's on setting up an appointment with an adjuster. ted is now on hold with his insurance company. maxwell is not and just confirmed a 5:30 time for tuesday. ted, is still waiting. yes! maxwell is out and about... with ted's now ex-girlfriend. wheeeee! whoo! later ted! online claims appointments. just a click away on
12:58 am
12:59 am
1:00 am
>> you're right, gene. >> follow-on generation something to believe in, something they think they can make happen. >> it's the special this weekend. >> hello, it's 5:00 in new york city, this is "the five." big show today. lots to get to. including iran crushing us at the nuclear bargaining table leaving only our key ally israel alone and surrounded by people who want to kill them. some big storms that may make it harder for you to get home this thanksgiving. we'll tell you who's going to get hit and when. first, more dishonest from the white house on obama care. americans don't trust the administration and for good reason. they haven't been straight forward about anything. he

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